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Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
Of all the televangalists that are televised throughout the US and the world, the only ones in my eyes are in perfect line with the Bible are Reverend Billy Graham and Jimmy Swaggart.
This page is to help support their ministries. Fist listed is Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and to provide links to their 24/7 online ministry where you can watch all of their broadcasts all day and night as I do. Below you can click to watch both Live and prerecorded programs. One I have loved for years is Jimmy Swaggart’s “Study In The Word” a daily bible teaching program done like I do mine with a panel of biblical scholars all sharing the scripture, to discuss together, all the meanings of the scriptures, so we all can come to a better understanding of God’s Word. I pray you all watch and support this world wide mnistry.

EMAIL ADDRESSES: insight@jsm.org, and onair@jsm.org
Toll Free Phone: (800) 288 8350
Jimmy & Donnie Swaggart (225) 768-8300
World Evangalizm to join
@donnieswaggart donnie swaggart on FB
225 768 3688
800 342 8430

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