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We got the donation links fixed today working with a friend Dawn Griffith Ranieri of “TNT Removale and Disposal”
https://www.facebook.com/DawnSocialMediaCoach Without Dawns’ help it would still not work. Thank you Dawn! Both Tom and Dawn of TNT have donated items to our mission, that will help furnish the homes we are putting Homeless Veterans and others in need of a living space where they can live with others in the same situation, helping eachother as a family unit. These “Sahred Housing Homes” are a safe environment, close to public transportation, they have a laundry facility in the basement, and they all share the Kitchen, Bathrooms, and the dining rooms. Both of our homes have 3 bedrooms, all having new carpeting and cabinets and appliances. We furnish the homes entirely with donated house hold items from the general public. We need about 20 Twin Bunk Beds and mattresses to put in the homes so we can utilize the bedroom space to the best of our ability which gives the Veterans more room for their personal items like clothes, a desk etc. We do not put junk in the homes. We are in need of dishes, pots and pans, bedding, shower curtains, small kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, refridgerators, freezers and any other usable household items to make these houses a Home for our Vets!
Here is a recent video we just put on youtube, a testimony of Joe Feteko, a man we met at a local shelter that came to me after I spoke at CityTeam offering the people there a place to live. Please watch the video and hear from Joe what he has seen and become a part of since his release from prison. Click here to see the video: http://youtu.be/uOphhIeffOg
Here are recent News articles Christmas day 2013 in the DelcoTimes. One is a video testimony of a disabled woman in a wheelchair that was homeless with 2 children that were about to be taken by the state of Connecticut because they were homeless. I hadd them put on a bus to Philadelphia in September 1013, she lived in my home until we got the first home and surprized her with a place to live on Christmas day! Here in her own words what we did to help her :Video Interview: http://www.tout.com/m/cy6zn9 Below is the entire news story link: http://www.delcotimes.com/general-news/20131225/glad-tidings-indeed-woman-finds-a-home-for-the-holiday-in-chester
If you want to help us help more people like Sheila, her children, and Joe, and all the others we are presently helping, and all those in the past, please make a donation of any amount, evena single dollar will help if you share our website and links to your friends and family through the internet. Join us on Facebook and send Pastor a friend request www.facebook.com/pastorwilliambarhorst
Join Our Church Mission’s Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/293047670765144/
Join us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pastorbarhorst
title=”UPDATE May 24, 2013″
After meeting with the owners and the family several times we have Great News! We were just blessed to get the free use of their huge property that will be perfect for our mission! The property has three buildings on it, one is a home with 10 bedrooms, the other was a nursery which has many other rooms that can also be used as bedrooms, a place to hold praise and worship services and bible studies, Donation/Distribution Center, and a garage. We’d be able to house and place about 60 Veterans that are disabled and homeless there! It has a huge kitchen which will be a soup kitchen and to prepare meals to feed the homeless and do fundraising dinners. We need donations to get materials to do some repairs to get the place to pass city code because while the site was vacant since Sept 2013, people stole a lot of the copper wiring and copper pipes for the water throughout the home including the baseboard heating panels in every room that all now have to be repaired before any service can be turned on to make the home habitable again, fees for permits for all the construction including a roof repair, to buy items we need that we can’t get donated to make the repairs and get furniture, Beds, Dressers, appliances for the kitchen, TV’s, couches, etc, and security deposit to get all the utilities turned on, water and electric. Please share this information with everyone you know so those that are able to make a donation can do so, and those wanting to volunteer at any level will also be able to do so. We need to immediately raise about $10,000.00 This is a huge property which will enable us to have a huge produce garden giving free produce to families in need as well as adding on to the building for more bedrooms. We need either a camper or RV donated or the use of one donated to prevent any further destruction and theft of any more copper or anything else they’d like to steal. Click on either link to make a donation. Even One Dollar will help if everyone does it, if you can give more please do! http://igg.me/p/710475/x/1061089 and http://igg.me/p/710475/x/1061089
Here are two pictures of the property:
The Property and Proposed Usage

Front of Home

title=”UPDATE May 18, 2013″
Pastor is meeting a woman Sat May 19, 2013 at 1pm to go see the home that she owns a former mansion, a home that has somewhere between 10 & 18 bedrooms to use to put Homeless and Disabled Homeless Veterans in! We will have to make some repairs like a new roof, plumbing, and a new heater so far to get the Certificate Of Occupancy. We need Volunteer contractors and labors to help do the work and others to help with the landscaping and make a garden. Let us know if you can help or donate materials or a monetary donation to help us get this home for homeless Veterans open real fast! Call Pastor’s cell or email him all listed below.

April 9 2013: On Sunday April 7th Pastor William was on his Scooter Cart selling his fundraising Gourmet Lollipops when about 6:30 pm a few young boys stole a few of the lollipops. Pastor seen them trying to hide them and told them it is not a good thing to do to steal as Jesus is watching them, to put them back. Which the boy did. Then an adult started yelling at the Pastor from his second floor window saying “Don’t point your finger at that boy! I will make a call and take all your lollipops!” Pastor pulled away on his cart as to prevent an altercation. A few homes further down the same block one of the other neighbors commented on what he just saw happen, telling Pastor to call the police. Pastor told him that Jesus seen what happened, and he states that “Vengence is mine I shall repay” also stating how the bible also explains about stealing from God, as the funds being raised were to help homeless disabled Veterans. Pastor went to the rear of the cart to assist someone wanting to buy a few of the lollipops when then he noticed that the kids had stole an entire box of the lollipops, about $100.00 in value, which he still has to pay for as he got them on a 30 day net basis from his supplier. Pastor had just restarted selling the lollipops this past Saturday after a very long cold and rainy winter which prevented him from any out door fundraising efforts which is very much needed to prevent homelessness of several Disabled Veterans and a disabled woman, that were all homeless that Pastor has put up in rented apartments. They are all fighting Social Security for their disabilites. The utilities are about to be shut off as well as eviction from lack of fundraising to assist them. You can help prevent them from becoming evicted and help prevent their utilities from being shut off by making a donation by clicking the link above.

You can also email the Pastor by clicking this link for information about this effort:

Welcome To Our Website!

Please share our website with your friends and family so they can get the help they need when they need it or so they can join us in helping us help those in need.

Date of This Post Dec 14, 2013 9:00 AM Another Miracle! We started buying homes for our “Shared Housing Program”. We put deposits on three homes which we’re contracted to buy. The first house was inspected by the city and passed. We’re waiting for the other two to get inspected. We’ll be purchasing 20+ homes in total from one person in a period of about one year or less. We’ll be placing Homeless Veterans and Disabled Homeless Veterans in them, those that have an income, but not enough to get a place of their own. We’re working with several Veterans organizations, as many know, I’m a Veteran and I was homeless for many years because of my disability which started when I was in the Navy. I was homeless for ten years because it took almost fifteen years to fight for my Social Security Disability, appeal after appeal until I finally won. We’ll be placing other people and families in other homes as we get them to end their homelessness due to no fault of their own. They will have a lease, pay rent and a shared utility fee. All the tenants will share the entire home and share all the expenses to maintain the home. Then all will be taught how to become a home owner and we’ll walk them through the entire process getting them their first home which will be one that will also generate income so they never become homeless again. You can be part of this program in many ways! You can Invest so we can put deposits on more homes, locally and through out the state, then nationwide! You will get your return within 90 days in most cases. You can also donate, or volunteer. See our Volunteer Opportunities.

Date of this post 2013
More Updates
I will put more updates here.

If you can find it in your heart to help these people I have living with me, also a disabled Veteran, it will help tremendously. If you can donate any amount from a dollar up here are the links:
https://www.wepay.com/donations/546741500 and https://www.wepay.com/x9bzqrn/donations/love-gift_1

I will make daily posts of our progress here as time allows.

Please Share this: So make your donations now! God Bless you all 100 Fold as Jesus Says he will. https://www.wepay.com/donations/546741500 and https://www.wepay.com/x9bzqrn/donations/love-gift_1

There are links about me and my Church Mision all over the internet. Just Google Baskets Of Faith Church And Missions, or Pastor William Barhorst, and you’ll find tons of information. Here is one about me as a child, abused by a step father who denies it to this day:
Above the photo of Jesus feeding the multitudes are links to all the pages on our website. Please click on each page to view the topic or category. There will be many more pages added as soon as I am able to put them all up. Eventually we pray this website will be one you visit everyday with a live chat room, discounts for services and stores, in depth Bible Studies, tips on how you can repair your computer and speed it up, and so much more. On every page you can add comments on the bottom of the page so we can hear what concerns you our visitor, all you have to do is click register on any page on our website on the right side of the page. If you have an idea that will make this website more user friendly or how we can further help you just let us know, we will try our very best to do all that is needed.

We are inviting you to a partnership opportunity to help people in need by supporting us with a donation. When we help anyone once you donate you can know that when we help anyone, you are a part of it! Without your help and support we can not help anyone. Won’t you help us help those in need now? Even with a single dollar? The more you give, the more help we can provide when a need arises. If a family loses a job for whatever reason, be it the economy, corporate downsizing, a disability, or disaster, we can help if they are about to get evicted with our homeless prevention program. We get court documentation, contact the landlord, then help pay down the back due rent. We do the same with utility bills so their utilities are not shut off. We’ve also paid for storage if they do get evicted so they do not lose all their personal belongings and family heirlooms and important documents. We have also moved the items into storage when they could not afford to do it so they don’t lose it all.

You can make a Donation 100% Tax Deductible by clicking either of the two links below:
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If you do not trust the internet to make a donation or do not do online banking, you can still do it the old fashioned way by making out a check or money order and mailing it to us. There are two ways to donate by mail. Make check payable to : Baskets Of Faith Church And Missions
Mail to: 2517 Lindsay Street Chester, Pa 19013
Or you can also Make the “Love Gift” out to:
Pastor William Barhorst
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You can also add pastorwilliambarhorst to your Yahoo Messenger to contact him and join in nightly meetings for discussions on our mission, bible studies, prayer requests etc, just to mention a few, and of course if you need help or want to join us in helping those in need. The Yahoo messenger bible studies have been halted for the period of our home purchasing and setup. They will resume as soon as we are able. But you can still send a request to be added to Pastors yahoo messenger.

We’re striving to have several buildings in Chester working with city officials, at future meetings wit them. Buildings that have been closed for 10 to 20 years vacant to convert them into shelters, soup kitchens, pantries, donation distribution centers, volunteer centers, community centers, thrift stores, vehicle donation centers, and food banks to mention a few. We have “Buy A Brick” and “Tree Of Life” Campaigns on our website to raise funds to get these buildings, convert and repair them for each specific use. You can join and partner with us by donating now by clicking the donation button on any page. Our shelters will not throw people out during the day like every other shelter does at times from 4 am to 7 am daily, and not permit them back in until 7:30 to 8 pm as most shelters do. This is not how Jesus would help the least of these. The same with food packages that pantries give. They are in a numbers game to show they helped X amount of people even if they put together a bag of food which is supposed to hold them over for either a week or a month and when they get the bag(s) home they do not have what is needed to make even one complete meal! When we had our first pantry in Garfield NJ back in 1991, we let the people take what they need whenever they needed it. This worked out so much better for everyone! Mainly because they didn’t get food they threw out because they could not use it for either health reasons or dietary laws for their specific faith or culture. Our Shelters will be open 24/7 365! No set sign in times or discharge times. When people are homeless they most times can’t get to the shelters at those times so they are forced to stay on the streets. If they have a job which requires them to work second or third shift they are not allowed back in the shelter! Plus security is a big factor in shelters. I know of shelters that have more fights and beatings than most prisons in fact some are far worse! This is why many that are homeless would rather face the elements than go to some shelters for fear of their lives. If you are a business, church, city official, or a leader in any area, and you’d like to see the hunger and homeless problem lessened, especially for the almost 700,000 homeless US Military Veterans that have fought to keep our freedoms that are sleeping on the streets every night, then don’t reinvent the wheel by trying to do it on your own or start from scratch to accomplish this, join our mission, become a partner with us, we have years of experience in helping people, having a huge data base of other organizations that help people for other causes that we can get the help for those we take in also like free medical needs and treatment, or getting food for you or your pantries and soup kitchens, and organizing fundraisers, learning how to do a PSA’s, or Public Service Announcements. The list goes on and on of our expertise, the only thing we lack is funding to get it all done. We can always use more volunteers as these programs come to fruition and to help get us there. Won’t you partner with us and become a part of our family and mission? Join now and make a donation to show your support. People give more to homeless animals when they are adapted to the elements, God created them as animals with special furs and coats, we humans do not have that, so let’s help our brothers and sisters, especially families with children so the families are kept together! There are no shelters that keep family units together and that is truly sad! They break up the families, dad’s go in one shelter, if there is room, Mom’s go in another, and the children are more than likely taken by a child services agency and put in foster care! This is a crying shame! Jesus would not break up a family unit. Please partner with us and start donating now, you can feel glad from that moment on, knowing you are helping people in need and changing their lives!